Officer George V. Cortez Jr. #8232



Thursday, 10/14/10
Thursday court is now in session with a consult at the bench with the attorney's and the judge. The defense should finish up closing this morning and the jury get the case by noon!

She is wrapping up telling the jury that they are the mechanism for starting the process for killing Rose if they elect the death penalty. She is begging now that they give him life! She is now telling of all the others who were indicted in this case and who were given a plea to lessor offenses! Poor Eddie, he is all alone facing the death penalty!

She is now saying they are like the crowd at the coliseum who can give a thumbs up or thumbs down for the gladiator to live or die!

She is finally done begging for life for the scumbag and the jury is finally getting their instructions!

The jury has been dismissed to deliberate!
Wednesday, 10/13/10
Court for Wednesday is underway with the defense giving closing arguments. The state will go next. The jury could get the case either late today or early tomorrow.

The state just finished and the defense is now up with their final shot as saving Rose's life. Vince did a magnificent job. He finished by showing pictures of George and the boys and Tiffany saying that they are that's left, no phone calls and no visits. He ended by showing a picture of the boys sitting on the bench at George's grave looking at his headstone while the "Last Call" was played!

We are done for the day. She, Garcia did not finish so she will wrap up in the morning! She is painting Rose as a poor misguided soul who deserves to live!

Tuesday, 10/12/10
Court is back in session with the defense cross examining Detective Denney of the gang squad. I understand that Friday was very contentious with the defense attempting for a continuation due to the defense co-counsel having a headache! The judge denied it and I understand the Ms Garcia turned into a real "B" because of it!

We are back from lunch and the defense has a few more questions for Det. Sullivan. The state is now cross examining Dr. Sullivan. Once he is done the defense is going to play the video from August 20 when Rose pleaded guilty. After that Rose... is going to allocute to the court, talk to the jury about what he did. We should start closing arguments tomorrow morning!

Done for the day. They played the video of Rose pleading guilty. It was offered up to show that he took responsibility for his actions. After that there was a recess to go over a couple of evidence pieces then the jury was brought back in ...and Rose had his chance to speak. No tears and no remorse, he just talked about how hard it was being him. Being compared to his brother, having asthma, his mom dying, and hearing voices. He talked about his drugs, lacing his blunts with coke, smoking marijuana and meth. He talked about when George tried to arrest him and the "voices" told him to "get that "m----r f---er"! So he did! He acted like he was sorry, but it didn't come through. Just a sorry ass gang banger who got caught and who is to cowardly to face the needle! Closing arguments tomorrow and Thursday! Jury should get final instructions and the case Friday!!!
Monday, 10/11/10 No Court - Columbus Day
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