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Thank you from a policeman's wife 

It has been just over two months since my husband; George Cortez Jr. was so tragically taken from us while serving the City of Phoenix as a police officer.  George was so much more than an officer and I am so thankful to all of the Phoenix media who helped me tell George’s story to the community.  I would like to thank those who have stepped up to help no matter what the means.  I would first like to thank the Phoenix Police Department including Detective Hunter and Sergeant Angelo for their help and support. I must also thank the men and women officers, who cared for George and who came forward to help the boys and I through this tragic time, your love was heartfelt and very much appreciated.  I want to thank the Phoenix 100 Club for their support and the financial assistance they provided which was very much needed.  I want to thank Scott Pasmore, News Channel 3, Barry Caraway, and for their “Choppers for Choppers” benefit ride and the hundreds and hundreds of riders who made it such a wonderful success. I also thank Danny Hendon of Danny’s Car Wash for opening up his heart and his business.  There are many others including Sergeant Menenses and the many volunteers from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office who organized a carwash, the Pyro Dogs & MCSO Stars hockey teams who held a benefit hockey game, the Peoria Police and Speedstreet Indoor Race Track who organized a benefit, Arizona Charity Poker who organized a benefit poker tournament and Fulton Homes, Taser International, and the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association for their financial support.  There were many others, too numerous to name, however your love, compassion, and financial assistance was just as appreciated and will all go to a good cause. I also need to thank the Bowerbank & Cox families who were going through the same tragic loss of a loved one and who thought of us, you are also in our prayers.  



I want to thank all, people who I never met and who didn’t know George, but who came forward to help support the boys and me through our time of need.  The hundreds and hundreds of cards and well wishes, the food and companionship from friends and total strangers was overwhelming, your thoughts and prayers were felt by our whole family and also very much appreciated and will always be cherished. 



Lastly, I want to thank Centennial High School for their honoring of George.  On October 12th at their home football game against Tolleson, George’s #45 football jersey was retired during a halftime celebration. They also plan to establish the George Cortez Career Center on campus in his honor. 



While we cannot fully understand why this had to happen and why George was taken from us at this time, we are very thankful to live in a community that will come forward time and time again when tragedy occurs to take care of those left behind.  I know George is at peace and watching over us.  He is our special angel and my boys will always be reminded of who their father was, what he stood for, and what he meant to this community.  Thank you all for being their and from all of us may God bless all of you.



Tiffany, Koltan, and Gunner Cortez



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